dissabte, 7 de maig de 2011


Oh! I think that I have already arrived at the three hundred words, no Joan?? Thereby this is my last posting . . .

I hope have a good selectivity and a,
GOOD SUMMER (and that you too)!

Bye, bye :) *

divendres, 6 de maig de 2011


I always have thought that the great memories are greater when we aren't living a good moment. Is then, when we give more value at all the laughs , the joy or every thing that in that instant had made us feel like if we were in the clouds.
( . . . )

August of 2007, the sunlights fell on the Mediterranian sea. Was summer and the stress of school had finished. Like all the summers of my chilhood , my family and I spent one month of our holidays in a little town of Castelló called Vinarós. There , was where we relaxed in the tranquility of a camping, with the best company.

Although all days we did similar things, I never got tired about this.
When I got up, I used to listen the sound of the birds, that lived in the high trees of the parcel, singing and the smell that escaped of all the kitchens.
After breakfast , quickly we put the bikini, caught the towel and some balls and went to the beach. Oh! was fantastic appreciating the Sun in your skin (always that I had put the sunscreen) , and know that for a lot hot that would do , you could go to the cold water and play with the waves.
We had the lunch , and after a short nap , we went to play basketball , cards , or anything funny while we were eating icecreams in the park of the camping , waiting five o'clock , when the swimmingpool was opened. More and more water until seven o'clock, then we went to the caravan, caught the soap and a clean wear, and met to got at the showers.
The day had being finished , however we had a lot of energy yet! Thereby we rode in our bicycles, and going on bike near the sea, maybe there were ten children singing the melody of "Verano Azul" between laughs, while they were seeing the sunset. I remind that we stopped when arrived a dry place but full of frogs (although we never saw any, we could listen them).
We had the dinner, and again , we played in the park until the energy was finished.

Maybe because this was the last summer there , maybe because I miss all the friends or maybe is because we are passing through the hardest time in the school , but the truth is that I will never forget my childhood there.

dissabte, 12 de març de 2011

Raining day . .

The rain is a curios thing.
By one hand a raining day can be sinonim of disastrous day. Who has not had to leave an expected plane for this? The empty streets are a reflect the discomfort that rain causes, while people are waiting in their houses to see the first rays of Sun. Personally I hate when I arrived wet at my home because I didn't catch the umbrella. . .
By the other hand rain can be sinonim of a calm day when you don't have nothing to do, in days which only sitting in you sofa listening falling drops, is a perfect time to disconnect.

Today is a raining day,so I will take the opportunity to watch a film!


The week before was the carnival of Torelló.
The night was great, without any accident. But, unfortunately that afternoon was horrible!! The last morning before carnival we hadn't got the costumes of boxers yet and, how you can imagine all us were very stressed.
To try not to waste time (people say that time is gold!) some of us went to Torelló to makeup, while a friend I were waiting for the costumes. Finally, after , at 8 o'clock we got them and, of course, immediatly we go to the party!

Maybe is because the people dress how their want and anybody ask their why, maybe is because the party don't finish until the morning or maybe because is the only big party in winter. . . Certainly I only know that a lot of people wait Carnival with lot of enthusiasm, and that when it arrive,the time passes faster than you can imagine!

Sweet eighteen

I supose that all children of the world have wanted to be adults in different moments of their life, at least once. I was one of this.
Now, through the pass of days, I have been able to understand the speed of time, and how sometimes I would like return at the pass.
(. . .)

10am,Monday 28th of February, just opening the blind I could see the Sun shining brightly, in spite of the they before had rained. This drew a big smile in my face, my eighteen had arrived hopefully.
Like a normal day, however it wasn't, I had a relaxing shower and then I went to eat something. Was while I was in the kitchen when I heard a loud "ding, dong", that forced me to open the door of the street. Strangely wasn't anybody there, only a nice brown envelope with gold leaf on it and two cheerful lilies, greater was my surprise when I read the letter inside.

(. . .)
At two o'clock they came to my house with their bikes, I watched them one by one. I couldn't be happier. Then they explained me the plans for done that day unforgettable, without doubt they get it.
Maybe be grate isn't so bad...!